Kragerø is a town in Southern Norway. I’ve actually never been there, but seen from the air the old town area seems very nice and well protected. I’ve put it on my list!

The town of Kragerø before mindless American sub-urbanization. –Wikimedia.

Around the town there are of course lots of sick suburban bunkers destroying the wonderful scenery, as Norwegians like Americans became crazy post WW2 creating their renewed Edens untainted  by city life. As a result they destroyed both the original rural and urban cultures, leaving a suburban culture ribbed of humanity.

Bear in mind the original suburbanization of America back in the 20th century — along with its accessory automobiles — must be regarded as the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world. So, a rebuild of all this stuff would represent more and possibly even greater malinvestment. We could have applied our post-WW2 treasure to building beautiful walkable towns and cities with some capacity for adaptive re-use, but we blew it in order to enjoy life in a one-time demolition derby. Life is tragic. Societies make poor choices sometimes, and then there are consequences. – J.H. Kunstler

Kragerø Old Town has more inherent worth than the rest of Norway’s contained post WW2 constructions!

Enjoy the video!