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My name is Øyvind Holmstad, there are three of us in Norway, I’m the oldest one and hence the wisest. I work as an Agent of Change, or “endringsagent” in Norwegian. My destiny is a heavy burden upon my shoulders.

LeveVeg means way of life, both as a livelihood and as a choice of the way you want to live. The best way of life emerges when these two merge. It can too be applied at society as a whole, which way(s) of life can best carry us together into the future?

LeveVeg is the “Nynorsk” version of LeveVei, a podcast show run by J.A. Arnfinsen.

I have some problems using WordPress though, these are described here.

My day to day blog is PermaLiv, where my imediate ideas and comments are found.

Now and then a post of mine appears at KulturVerk.

Enjoy my fabulous gallery at Norwegian Wikipedia from the town of Gjøvik, Norway, where I live!

See my gallery at Norwegian Wikipedia from Skreia, where I was born.

Call me at: +47-48023242

My life’s project is to help the best I can to spread and materialize the new architectural theories developed by Christopher Alexander and his companions. Further I want to implement the principles of the German term “Baubiologie“, and material ecology is one of my great interests. Third I want PermaCulture to be a natural part of our environments. Fourth I’ve become involved in implementing a new InGroup-Democracy (IGD) in Norway, originating from an idea by Terje Bongard.

I love retrovative technology, our time is A Time for Retrovation! I was supposed to be the cultural carrier of two of Norway’s most important countryside traditions. I now exist in a vacuum, ribbed of my cultural heritage.
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