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Portfolio Collection of LeveVeg at Adobe Stock Photo

https://permaliv.myportfolio.com/ (Ps! To update the albums is quite a job, so only the album All will be updated regularly.)

https://stock.adobe.com/no/contributor/210096309/%C3%98yvind (Only here you’ll see the latest images as they’re approved by Adobe.)

In my portfolio you can send me a message if you’re interested in one of my images, f. ex. if you want to know more about the back story of the image. Some information is available though if you download a test sample of the image. If you need fast information, my mob. nr. is 0047-48023242. When I’m in the field my cell phone might be off.

In the portfolio you can start a manual slide show with simply clicking an image.

The portfolio is organized in three albums.

Home: Former Oppland County, Toten, Totenåsen Hills with surroundings, inclusive Hurdal, Hadeland and the Skreia Mountains, and Lake Mjøsa with the surrounding area.

Abroad: All outside Norway, with a special love for Venice.

All: Home, abroad and the rest of Norway, which I barely visit anymore, because of THE WIND POWER PLANT TRAGEDY!!!!

I recommend buying full size images directly from PermaLiv, for ultimate quality! For smaller sizes it’s ok to get the images from Adobe Stock Photo. I charge the same price as Adobe, but buying the image from me you get a 100% size of the image, and exported for your specific purpose. I can even re-edit the image to your taste, or send you several versions of the image. Or you can get a TIFF-file, for the best color depth for prints.

All images approved by Adobe Stock Photo are checked by computers and a trained staff at Adobe, for ultimate quality and safety.


Vi leiter etter et sted hvor vi kan trekke oss tilbake med fotografiet, et sted med sterke biofile kvaliteter, biofili er naturkjærlighet. Et sted på Toten, rundt Totenåsen, inkl. Hurdal, evt. andre steder i Oppland, vårt siste vindkraftverk-frie fylke. Takknemlig for tips!

Old storehouse of farm.
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