As Norway is destroyed by wind power plants, I find myself trapped at Toten and in Oppland, our last county not affected by wind terror.

– Norway willing to destroy their nature….to save it.

In no way I can reach Mads Peter Iversen’s levels of skills, but that’s not my goal either, as I want to use as simple technologies as possible. I though don’t make any kind of composites, and don’t plan to learn it.

My country is gone, the same with my religion and my meadows. Norway is collapsing in every possible way, on every scale. The only thing to do is to withdraw yourself from society, and devote your life to the photography of tears, to catch the last remnants of our once great country with such proud cultures, where the history of Christianity reached a pinnacle with “bedehuslandet”, and the Totenåsen Hills were the Norwegian counterpart of the Appalachian Mountains, the cradle of Country&Western – music.
Still, I’m blessed to live in the last part of Norway not tortured to death by wind power terror.

Oppland is by the way at about the same size as Denmark, and my hope is to separate Oppland from it’s host country, making a small, new country free of wind terror, where poor Norwegians torn apart in their souls by this new evil can find a rescue.


The light around Lake Mjøsa has some of the same qualities as the light at Skagen in Denmark.