I’m sorry to announce that my new blog LeveVeg is closed until I find out how to remove the stupid date of my permalinks. This mean a post’s url is broken if I want to update it, which is intolerable. When I find out this all posts here will be republished, meaning all permalinks will be broken. Therefor, best not to link directly to any of the posts.

I’m not sure of which blog I’ll publish on meanwhile? Check both NATURKONSERVATIV and PERMALIV.

According to the following video there should have been a Permalink Setting, at 1:15 min. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have this function. If anyone can help me I’m more than thankful!

I’m forced to leave WordPress for the benefit of Blogger, as WordPress has an intolerable error with its permalinks

I tried to find a solution on WP forum, but was sorry to find there’s no real solution, except WP changes it’s policy.

Read the forum’s thread.

– How to remove date from superlink?: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/how-to-remove-date-from-superlink?replies=2#post-2847711

My response:

I’m very sad to learn this! I do now have to return to Google’s Blogger, where there’s no date in the permalink. If I add new stuff to an old post, f.ex. new images, I must have the possibility to repost it at the top of my blog without changing the date, i.e. the permalink, and break all former links leading to the post.

I can’t understand why WordPress can be this stupid? To pay is no alternative, as there’s nobody to pay the hosting costs after my death:


Still I might re-post some galleries and some of my most important work in WordPress, to make it accessible if Blogger goes black after my death.

Anyway, for me it’s more important to have my writings and galleries up running after my death, than having a fancy blog.

I really encourage WordPress to remove the date from the permalink in the free blogs, so that people depended on reposting old improved stuff on the top of the blog, like it’s a new post, can do so without breaking the permalink.

In Blogger I often find an old post I see can be improved, as I all the time gather new information and images. Then the post becomes like new and deserves to be republished as new, but with the same permalink, on the top of the blog.

As it is now people who take their blogging seriously and steadily improve their posts, are forced to leave WordPress for the benefit of Blogger.

Please fix this MAJOR error in WordPress! Yes, I see it as an intolerable error.

WordPress should install Automatic Publishing button like Blogger!

I do now realize that Blogger has a date, it’s just that the date doesn’t update if I republish the post as a top post. Blogger has a button called Automatic Publishing, and using this the post always enter the top, with the same permalink, including date.

Here’s an example from 2015/05 (link), reposted on 12th December 2016 (post):


I think WordPress should install this button, Automatic Publishing, as well!